Dr Laurence Vanniekerk
       HD [LindCol], DC, [ICC]. MHSt [UQ], Dip.Neuro.Diag. [Bridgeport], F.I.I.A.H, [India]

Laurence Vanniekerk
Bethania Community Centre, 88-118 Station Road, Bethania, Queensland 4205

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Bethania Community Centre
88 -118 Station Road
Bethania, 4205

Phone: 0402-714-271

Laurence first graduated from  a four-year homoeopathic program in December 1963 and later attended Chiropractic College graduating in 1970, after which he migrated to Australia setting up practice in Brisbane.

He has constantly developed his knowledge and skills by continuing study. He completed the Fellowship Diploma program of the International Institute of Advanced Homoeopathy (Calcutta) between 1992 and 1996 which gave him access to clinical facilities seeing approximately 2000 patients per day. In 1998 was admitted to the Master of Health Studies (Community Child & Adolescent Health) program conducted within the Discipline of Paediatrics of the University of Queensland Medical School, and was in the first graduating class of this program in 2000. He has also completed doctoral study in the area of Public Health in 2005. He completed a Diploma of Neurological Diagnosis program sponsored by the University of Bridgeport in 2012. Because he is determined to provide the best advice to patients is in his final year of a Masters program for Physican Assistants, giving a sound knowledge of conventional medicine..

Laurence regularly participates in quality Continuing Professional Education programs conducted by reputable institutions such as the Harvard Medical School and American Academy of Pediatrics.  He was a member of the Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics (USA) for many years but chose to relinquish his membership in 2014 because his practice has changed, with many of his paediatric patients wishing to remain under his care, he now conducts a general practice, and in some cases has 4 generations of the same family attending. He remains a member of the Chiropractic Australia, the Asian Homoeopathic Medical League.

Laurence’s long clinical experience has shown that while homoeopathic medicine and chiropractic manipulations are capable of assisting in many cases it is not able to provide the best outcome in every case. With this in mind Laurence requires case outcomes to be evaluated by acceptable modern protocols and will refer patients to their nominated General Practitioner or other registered health practitioner, when he determines that their condition requires this.

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